These instructions are for *nix systems, Windows has not been tested but may be supported.

Installing the Price Scraper requires that you have the following software on your system:

  • git
  • python3
  • pip or setuptools

Optionally, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper will make dependency management and isolation much easier.

These can be installed using your systems package manager. Virtualenv and Virtualenvwrapper can be installed using pip. For example, Arch Linux users can simply run the following:

$ sudo pacman -S python pip3 git
$ sudo pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper

Once you have these dependencies, you should clone the source code repository:

$ git clone git@aphrodite.acorn:/srv/git/pricescraper.git pricescraper
$ cd pricescraper

This will create a local copy of all the source files. If you have virtualenv installed you should now make a new virtual environment, using your python3 binary:

$ mkvirtualenv PriceScraper -p python3

You can then install the python dependencies into your system or the new virtual environment using pip and our requirements files:

$ pip install -r requirements/develop.txt

Use develop.txt to include development dependencies, such as the test runner and documentation builder. If you just want to run the application, you may use requirements/base.txt instead.

After all dependencies are installed by pip, you should be able to run the application using a valid input file(tab-delimited, containing a header row and columns for SESE SKU, Organic Status, Name and Category):

$ python3 pricescraper/